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Statewide Contracts

Statewide contracts are multiple agency, cooperative contracts that are typically mandatory for use by most State Agencies and available (non-mandatory or permissive) to members of the State Purchasing Cooperative.  Statewide contracts are solicited and administered by SPO.  Currently, there are over 800 individual Statewide contracts available for use by State Agencies and State Purchasing Cooperative members.
Services Provided

SPO provides the following direct services to Statewide Contracts customers.

  • Contracting Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Procurement Authorizations
  • Procurement Technical Assistance

Statewide Contracts customers requiring assistance with contracts are welcome to contact the assigned Procurement Officer directly. Information regarding Statewide Contracts, including the assigned Procurement Officer, can be found on Arizona's e-procurement portal,

Statewide Contracts

Statewide contract customers requiring assistance with contracts are welcome to contact the assigned Procurement Officer.  For each Statewide contract, the assigned Procurement Officer can be found on Arizona’s eProcurement portal,

The following SPO Procurement Officers are assigned to establish and administer statewide contracts.

Area(s) of Responsibility
Procurement Manager (Strategic)
Environmental Services
Charlotte Righetti Office Products and Services 602.542.9127
Cindy Tucker
Professional Services
Connie Schneider
Professional Services
Delia Walters IT Products and Services 602.542.9125
Holly Howe Medical/ Public Health Products, Set-Aside Contracts 602.364.0102
Jan Hart Cooperative Membership, Administrative Fee, Statewide Usage 602.542.1835
Professional Services
Vehicles and Related Products
Lori Sherill Vehicles and Related Products 602.542.7144
Professional Services - Annual Statements of Qualifications

In accordance with ARS § 41-2581 the SPO establishes annually a list of Architects, Engineers and other related professional services providers for customers to utilize when seeking design and construction work under a set amount.
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